Charger Protection

In order to protect the prongs on my iPad charger from the dangers of my backpack, I designed, modeled and 3D-printed this protector.


Personal project.


Find a way to protect my somewhat fragile and very expensive iPad charger – specifically the prongs as they are prone to bending. 


Recreate the 3D-model in Blender in order to create a well lit product image.


After sketching the protector on paper I measured the charger in detail, before proceeding to model it in Fusion360.

I printed the model in PLA plastic, and after a handful of prototypes I was able to print it with the tolerance being just right, to where the charger slides in, and stays in. For additional security I cut a piece of rubber from a bicycle inner tube that wraps perfectly around the protector and charger.

The 3D-model was cleaned up in blender in order to create the product image shown here.